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1. Products sold by ophir within 2 years (begins on the date of shippment by the customer) will be free of charge for maintenance. 

2. This warranty covers only those defects that arise as a result of normal use of the product, and does not cover any other problems,including those that arise as a result of: 

a. Improper maintenance or modification; 

b. Spare parts or supplies not provided or supported by ophir;
c. Unauthorized modification or misuse. 

d. Hostile opration environments, or natural disaster such as thunder, fire, flood and other acts of God.
e. Damage of the appearance of the products.
f. Uncrating, setup, installation or the removal and re-installation of products after repair.
3. If your requirement for warranty subject to condistions listed above, we will collect the maintaining cost. For detailed charge of the maintenance, please contact us for confirmation. 

4.After the day you buy our products, you can get the service which of exchanging during a specified period. For the detailed period, please contact our marketing people for confirmation. 

5. ophir shall have no obligation to repair, replace, or refund until getting the defective product from customers.
6. The customer is responsible for freight for replaced products. Repaired or replaced products will be returned prepaid during the warranty period.Transportation cost of returning and receiving the repaired products will be at buye's expenses after the warranty time. 

7. If ophir is unable to repair or replace a defective product which is covered by ophir's warranty, ophir shall refund the purshse price for the product within a resonable time after being notified of the defect.

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